Author Policy

Pecantown’s Consignment Program for Local Authors

Pecantown Books & Brews is happy to support local authors by offering a consignment program. This allows us to feature titles from self-published and small press authors. We will consider professionally written, edited, and produced books from authors and illustrators living in the Seguin area.

General Consignment Information and Guidelines

(Full details available on consignment agreement. Available in-store)

  • Pecantown will pay 60% of the retail price for consignment items sold. Pecantown retains 40% as our sales commission. 
  • Authors who participate in our consignment program must provide a link to Pecantown’s website on all author and/or book websites. 
  • The basic handling fee for consignment books is $30.00 per title.
  • We will initially take 5 copies of each consignment title. Pecantown will stock books for a minimum period of three months that can be extended indefinitely at the store’s discretion.
  • At the end of the consignment, the author will have 30 days to pick up their books. All books left unclaimed after 30 days will be donated.

Pecantown does not review manuscripts or offer advice on publishing; we focus on what we do best, putting books in readers’ hands. If you’re looking for information on writing a book, we highly recommend connecting with the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Tips & Tricks For Success

Prepare your book for the indie market

  • Have your book thoroughly checked for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors. We strongly recommend having your manuscript professionally edited.
  • Ensure your book meets standard design and formatting standards. The title and author name should be printed on the book’s spine and it should have an ISBN barcode printed on the back cover.
  • Select an affordable publishing company so you can price your book reasonably within its genre. (We like IngramSpark or Dartfrog.) Look at other published books in the same genre and trim size as your title and price your book accordingly.

 Spread the word!

  • Encourage your family, coworkers, and friends to support you by picking up a copy at Pecantown..
  • Contact related media and mailing list groups to announce where they can purchase a copy of your book.
  • Share your book on social media with a link to Pecantown’s website.
  • Get involved with libraries, book clubs, and community organizations to build and diversify your audience.

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